Access Payment Systems is a full service provider in the electronic payment industry. We make accepting payments for the products or services you sell easy and affordable by providing the following services:

Credit Card Processing

  • Access Payment Systems provides all types of Credit Card Processing no matter your business type . This includes point of sale, mail order, telephone order and online in a variety of transaction formats.

ACH Processing

  • ACH Processing, also known as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Electronic Check (Echeck), can be done for single or recurring transactions in both debits and credits. Access Payment Systems has a variety of methods in which you can perform ACH Processing to fit your specific needs.

Purchasing Card Processing

  • At Access Payment Systems we would be happy to review your current Purchasing Card Processing capabilities and show you what our system can do and the savings you can realize. Using our internet based system we can help you lower your interchange cost in Purchasing Card transactions and give you the Level 3 Line Item processing abilities.

Real Time Check Verification

  • Access Payment Systems offers a comprehensive suite of risk management tools to help prevent NSF Checks. Your business can significantly reduce your exposure to the risk of accepting bad checks or ACH payments with our Real Time Check Verification product.

Electronic Check Collection (RCK)

  • Access Payment Systems offers one of the most advanced and efficient ways to collect NSF Checks. By using a variety of fully electronic collection techniques we can provide you with a higher collection ratio in addition to the quickest funding available today.

Consolidated Returns

  • Consolidated Returns is an added feature to our DirectRecovery program for electronically collecting bounced checks. With Consolidated Returns, you can expect reduced bank NSF fees, faster collection on NSF checks, fewer losses, improved cash flow and no need for instructing your bank to forward NSF checks.

Check Guarantee Program

  • With Access Payment Systems‘ Check Guarantee Program, you can now accept checks without the worry and hassle of bounced payments, ensuring that you are paid on all your checks – even the returned ones.

Identity Verification

  • Access Payment Systems provides one of the most advanced and effective Identity Fraud systems available today called IDVerify. IDVerify can help defend a variety of businesses against fraud, identity theft, terrorism and money laundering.



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