Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Identity Verification System by Access Payment SystemsAuthenticate A Consumer’s Identity In A Matter Of Seconds

In todays environment, Identity Fraud has become a concern for both citizens and businesses. This is where our Identity Verification tool comes into play. Its becoming increasingly important to know that the person you are selling goods and services to is exactly who they say they are. With the help of cutting-edge technology, Access Payment Systems provides one of the most advanced and effective Identity Verification and Fraud Detection systems available today. IDVerify can assist you in determining, in real time, the likelihood that the person you are talking to is who they claim to be, thus dramatically reducing potential losses.

IDVerify was designed to defend businesses against fraud, identity theft, terrorism and money laundering. Our Identity Authentication Solution can be used by software companies, car dealerships, financial institutions, payday loan operations, insurance companies, government, check cashing companies, brokerage firms and mortgage companies, to name a few.


Our Identity Authentication Advantage

IDVerify aggregates the highest quality data sources available today and combines them with sophisticated programming technology. The data sources include the Social Security Administration, regional Bell operating companies, credit header data, government watch lists and many other proprietary sources.

IDVerify generates a question and the corresponding answer. The correct person answers quickly and easily without holding up the transaction. The identity thief stumbles and finds another business from which to steal. Our Identity Verification saves you tons of hassle and time.


Customized Identity Verification

IDVerify can deliver a raw data response or a customized result. Whether you need all the raw data, designated data, one question, five questions or a customized risk score, IDVerify addresses your business needs. IDVerify can be accessed in a number of ways. The most basic option is through our easy to use Virtual Terminal. For merchants that need an integrated solution, this can be achieved a number of ways. We expose interfaces to our data through XML over SOAP, XML over HTTPS and XML through .Net Web services.

By combining our Identity Verification tool, IDVerify, with our Real Time Check Verification solutions, Access Payment Systems can provide your company with the most comprehensive risk management system in the marketplace.

To determine which risk management products are right for your organization call Access Payment Systems today at (877) 410-8447 or submit an inquiry from our Contact Us page.

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